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U.S. Federal Courthouse, Springfield, MA

Customer # GS-P-01-09-BZ-5009

The Department of Justice recently settled into its new and beautiful $63-million Federal Courthouse and Office Building at 300 State Street, Springfield, Massachusetts.  The dynamic nature of the facility creates an ongoing need to quickly and efficiently execute important adjustments and alterations to meet organizational requirements. To address these requirements and maintain the highest level of fit and finish, the U.S. General Services Administration partnered with Classic Site Solutions on an Indefinite Delivery/Indefinite Quantity contract.  Our experience with this streamlined contracting tool has enabled our firm to serve the GSA with optimal efficiency.  Task Order scopes of work include reconfiguring office space, changing security systems, providing comprehensive landscaping improvements and other alterations, and upgrades.   The scope of this contract also includes upgrading the former U.S. Courthouse at 1550 Main Street to meet the expanded needs of the Department of Homeland Security. 

  • Task Order No. 1, Minor Alterations to the Bankruptcy Court,
  • Task Order No. 2, Minor Alterations to the Hallway Finishes,
  • Task Order No. 3, Interior Alterations to the Offices of Investigations,
  • Task Order No. 4, Glazing & Countertops in various locations,
  • Task Order No. 5, Landscaping at the New Federal Courthouse,
  • Task Order No. 6, Minor Alterations at Diffusers,
  • Task Order No. 7, Replace Trap Primers,
  • Task Order No. 8, Bullet Resistant Glass,
  • Task Order No. 9, Senate Offices,
  • Task Order No. 10, Mural Wall Repair,
  • Task Order No. 11, Landscape maintenance,
  • Task Order No. 12, Finish Fourth Courtroom Chambers,
  • Task Order No. 13, Installation of Snow Guards,
  • Task Order No. 14, Bankruptcy & Magistrate Millwork Upgrades,
  • Task Order No. 15, Water Damage/ Miscellaneous Repairs,
  • Task Order No. 16, Landscape Maintenance,
  • Task Order No, 17, Water Damage Repair,