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Repair Breach Mile 12.5 Hanna Storm Damage

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Chesapeake & Ohio Canal National Historic Park, Potomac, Maryland

Contract # P11PC20346  

The location of this project took place around the 12.5 mile marker of the Chesapeake and Ohio Canal, located in Potomac, Maryland. The major work  consisted of four interrelated items.  

The first item included rebuilding a 21-foot-tall x 150 long retaining wall, which entailed the removal of a failed retaining wall and salvaging the original materials for later use.  The new wall was then excavated and a new concrete footing was poured, this was followed by forming and pouring a new 21 foot tall battered retaining wall and reconstructing the face with salvaged stone masonry.  

The second item was excavating the canal prism and installing a new under drain system as well as a new geosynthetic liner system.  

The third item included restoring and building a new towpath section along the top of the wall and along the canal.

 The final major item of work included the installation of a concrete slab land bridge which crosses the major aqueducts supported by caissons and grade beams.