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Aspet Exterior Painting and Roof Replacement

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St. Gaudens National Historic Park, Cornish, NH

Contract # C2000103700, P11PS40767

The Saint-Gaudens National Historic Site in Cornish, NH was established on May 30, 1977 to preserve the home, gardens, and the studios of Augustus Saint-Gaudens, one of America's foremost sculptors. Other than the Appalachian National Scenic Trail, Saint-Gaudens National Historic Site is the only National Park Service site in the state of New Hampshire. Saint-Gaudens purchased the Aspet House, along with 80 acres of land, in 1981 for a total of $ 2,400. He used the house as a summer home and studio but grew to love the land and soon made it his permanent home.

The Aspet Roof Replacement and Exterior Painting project at Saint-Gaudens National Historic Site consisted of complete replacement of the exterior masonry facade, as well as the  painting of the entire exterior of the building. The Aspet House's exterior facade and roof had become weathered from the years of exposure and was in need of restoration. Due to the age of the wood shingle roof, the entire roof was removed and replaced including various areas of the wood sheathing, the underlayment, metal flashing, and all the  wood shingles. The age of the house was also showing with the exterior masonry and paint. Various locations of the brick were repointed and joints were repaired. Once everything was repaired, the entire exterior of the building was repainted. Upon completion, this project brought Saint-Gaudens' Aspet House back to its former glory and will allow the many visitors to enjoy its beauty for years to come.