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Construction of a New Fourth Courtroom

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U.S. Federal Courthouse Fourth Courtroom ,
 Springfield, MA

Contract # GS-01P-12-BZ-C-0003  


In 2008, the Springfield Federal Courthouse was designed and constructed on the corner of State Street in Springfield, MA. It was designed with four courtrooms that form a spiraling crescent around three ‘heritage trees’ that range in age from 200 to 500 years old. The building includes a large curved gallery that has views of the heritage trees as well as downtown Springfield. 

The Fourth Courtroom project at the Springfield Federal Courthouse in Springfield, MA consisted of the build out of an empty space in the building to create the building’s fourth courtroom.  The scope included constructing a new courtroom with all finishes to match the other existing courtrooms in the building, conference rooms, the Judge’s Robing room, bathrooms, and a Jury Suite. The finishes inside the courtroom included wood paneling that matched the other courtrooms’ paneling, sloped acoustic plaster ceilings, and courtroom furniture including the Judge’s bench, gallery seating, Jury Box, and various other work areas. All this work was performed while the rest of the Federal Courthouse continued regular day-to-day activities.