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Design/ Build Pitkin Tunnel Security Improvements

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Design/Build Security Improvements Project, New Haven, CT

Contract # GS-01P-07-BZ-C-0009

The U.S. General Services Administration chose Classic Site Solutions, Inc. to design and construct a security access and surveillance system for the Pitkin Street Tunnel in New Haven, Connecticut. The Pitkin Street Tunnel is a public way running underneath a city block connecting Elm Street and State Street in downtown New Haven. The U.S. Federal Courthouse, the Giaimo Federal Building, and the City of New Haven’s Emergency Operations Center are located on this city block. The block also houses two public office towers.

Designing and installing a security system in an urban tunnel presented unique design and construction issues. A key element of the project involved coordinating the specific project needs of the Marshall Service with the City of New Haven’s safety and traffic management requirements. As part of the access security measures, Classic provided physical access barriers, a card reader access system to work with the barriers, a CCTV system to monitor vehicles using the tunnel, and a communications system. The use of state-of-the-art video technology provided the Marshall Service on site with high definition video surveillance in a low ambient light environment. A secured guard booth was also installed.

Classic teamed with Oak Point Associates, an architectural and engineering firm, and ADT, a security subcontractor, for system design. The security, traffic management, and safety requirements of this multifaceted project were successfully met.