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Design/ Build Rehabilitation and Expansion of The Station Support Building

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U.S. Coast Guard Station, New Haven CT

Contract # HSCGG1-06-R-3WH110

Classic Site Solutions, Inc. assembled a team of architects and engineers to design and construct a 2,000-square-foot addition to the existing U.S. Coast Guard Support Station in New Haven, CT. Construction began after a four-month design period. Upon completion of the new addition, a complete renovation of the original Coast Guard Station was undertaken.

The foundation for the new addition required timber piles driven to refusal and concrete grade beams. The design integrated steel beams and columns into the wood framed structure to provide for a second floor at a future date. Special considerations were made due to the building’s proximity to the coastline and the elements. Custom designed windows were used to withstand the sometimes fierce ocean storms. All of these provisions were integrated into the design in such a way that the exterior appearance of the building fit the New England seashore theme and blended with neighboring buildings.

When the construction of the new addition was complete, the U.S. Coast Guard assumed occupancy. The former station then underwent extensive remodeling and was converted into a heavy ocean gear wash down and storage facility. After a six month construction period, the new addition and renovation of the former station were enthusiastically welcomed by the Guardsmen.