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Federal Building Site & Security Project

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Site and Security Improvements, JFK Federal Building, Boston, MA

Contract # GS-01P-05-BZ-C-3007

Classic Site Solutions, Inc. teamed with the U.S. General Services Administration to upgrade security at the Sudbury Street entrance to the John F. Kennedy Federal Building in Boston’s Government Center District. The work required the installation of state-of-the-art video surveillance systems, traffic barriers, stainless steel covered security bollards, and granite faced reinforced concrete crash walls.

The new security and video surveillance systems were seamlessly integrated into the JFK Federal Office Building’s existing security system. Once the security improvements were complete, new site lighting, landscaping, and surface paving (both cement and bituminous) were installed.

Throughout the construction period, Classic maintained access to both the Federal Office Building and the construction site while simultaneously providing safe, secure entry and exit for day care center personnel and general pedestrian traffic. Phased construction schedules and security fencing relocations that included off-hour and weekend construction scheduling were continuously coordinated with the GSA, Federal Protection Services, and the City of Boston to ensure the successful completion of the project.