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West Roxbury VA Medical Center - Underground Storage Tank Removal and Replacement

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Underground Storage Tank Removal and Replacement Project, West Roxbury, MA

Contract # V00241C-0218 

Classic was contracted to replace the existing underground emergency fuel storage system for the boiler plant at the Veteran’s Administration Medical Center in West Roxbury, Massachusetts. The system is a key component of the Medical Center’s infrastructure. The boiler plant produces steam, providing heat and hot water for the hospital. In order to complete this project, a temporary fuel storage system was required to ensure the boiler plant could continuously operate without interruption.

The scope of this project was to replace two 20,000-gallon, single walled, steel tanks with two 25,000-gallon state-of-the art, double walled, fiberglass reinforced plastic tanks. The existing tanks were stored within a reinforced concrete vault. In order to replace the existing tanks with the larger tanks, the existing vault needed to be enlarged. Extensive structural concrete foundations and walls were constructed to extend the vault and accommodate the larger tanks. Additional structural concrete work was completed in the form of grade beams and a suspended slab to completely enclose the new tanks.

Due to the tightening State and Federal regulations, the project required numerous upgrades to the fuel delivery piping system including a new tank monitoring system, the installation of double walled fuel piping in all concealed and underground locations, and the installation of leak detection sensors in all double walled piping. The double walled, steel piping was prefabricated in large sections and assembled in the field, thereby reducing the number of field welded joints and the likelihood of leaks.

Throughout the duration of the project the fuel supply to the hospital was never jeopardized. Completion of this project created numerous positive environmental impacts to the overall infrastructure of the hospital.