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Perimeter Security Bollard Project

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U.S. Federal Courthouse and John Pastore Federal Building Perimeter Security Bollards Project,Providence, RI

Contract # GS-01P-05-BZ-C-3017

The Federal Courthouse project required the installation of 283 steel pipe and cast iron bollards encircling two U.S. Federal buildings located in the center of Providence’s bustling metropolitan business district. An intricate part of the project was the mitigation of any construction noise levels while the Federal Courts were in session along with the preservation of building security.

To expedite the construction process and meet the needs of the Federal Courts, pre-planning and pre-fabrication of system components were constructed off site. This also assisted Classic with keeping and maintaining the public avenues open and preventing any interruptions to the public transportation.

The project resulted in a formidable building perimeter security bollard system encompassing two adjacent city blocks with very minimul interuption to the daily activities of the Courts.