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Design/Build, Rehabilitation of Nauset Bike Trail

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Cape Cod National Seashore, Eastham, MA

Contract # C2000103700/P12PD13141

The Nauset Bike Trail (from Salt Pond Visitor Center to Coast Guard Beach) located in Eastham, MA is an eight-foot-wide-asphalt bike trail that winds through two miles of the scenic Cape Cod seashore. Increased visitor use and the popularity of alternative transportation throughout the past years have produced a spike in traffic found on the bike trail year round.  This substantial traffic increase has exacerbated the deterioration of the trail and shortened its useful life, not to mention the natural surroundings.  The swell in bicycle riders has also lead to a rise in reported bicycle accidents over the last five years.  The Rehabilitation of Nauset Bike Trail project at the Cape Cod National Seashore would help to fix these problems.

In order to keep the trail safe for visitors, riders, and the surrounding environment it was necessary to make changes to the trail.  The rehabilitation project consists of designing and constructing a complete replacement of the tow-mile bike trail. The new design creates a safer trail by increasing the width of the pavement to a total of ten feet, installing effective drainage eliminating debris on the trail, and placing new pavement markings to help with the traffic flow. Once complete, the bike trial will continue to transport the thousands of visitors to and from Cape Cod’s beautiful coastline in a manner that is safe for visitors and harmless to the environment.