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Toe Drain Replacement

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Union Village Dam, Theford, VT

Contract # W912WJ-12-C-0013

Completed in 1950 by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, the Union Village Dam rises 170 feet above the Ompompanoosuc River in Thetford, VT. After taking four years to construct, the dam was the 17th of 129 major flood control projects in New England constructed by the Army Corps. The dam was designed to control flood waters of the Connecticut River and its tributaries. Since its construction, it has been estimated that the dam has saved millions of dollars in flood damages to the communities surrounding the Ompompanoosuc and Connecticut Rivers.

The Replace Toe Drain project at the Union Village Dam in Thetford, VT consists of excavating the face of the dam and completely replacing the existing toe drain and outflow structures. The face of the damn will be excavated to access the existing toe drain. This will be replaced with larger pipes to allow more drainage. The existing perforated pipe meets at one manhole and then continues away from the dam to an outlet. This too will be excavated and removed. The new perforated toe drain will end at two new precast concrete structures. From these two structures it will travel away from the dam in larger volume pipes than the site currently has as well to a new precast concrete utility vault structure. From this structure, the drainage pipe will flow to a new precast concrete outlet structure.  Since we are working so close to a dam that was constructed to hold back flood water, the site will need to be continuously pumped free of water with a 24 hour/day dewatering system. Once complete, this project will help stabilize the Union Village Dam so as to keep it operating successfully for the next seventy years.