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Construction Sequencing System™

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Classic Site Solutions, Inc.
Construction Sequencing System™

The Profile

In the opening phase of the project, our focus is on gaining a thorough understanding of your requirements and the details that matter most to your specific organization and the clients you represent. We conduct an initial site visit, assemble all job documentation, and identify the sensitivities and security conditions essential for gaining the confidence of all parties involved. The result is a custom project profile including any special considerations—that defines what's required for a successful outcome.

The Foundation

Our goal is to clarify every detail and consider all options, submitting requests for information (RFIs) when needed to eliminate discrepancies. Through a meticulous review and synthesis of The Profile, related bid documents, quantity take-offs, schedules, scope documents, and estimates, a project proposal is created. Our insistence on precision means we minimize the risk of unforeseen circumstances and deliver a complete and accurate proposal.

The Team Generator

Once a project is awarded, we assemble a team to provide continuous expertise and support throughout the project. The Classic team is tailored to each project, and always consists of one company owner, an operations manager, project manager, project supervisor, estimator, and consultants. Following a site visit, we strategize the project’s approach, sequence the project phases, and manage the necessary submittal process. By combining the strengths of our team members, we manage risk, proactively solve problems, and ensure all client expectations and contract requirements are met.

The Cornerstone

Laying the groundwork for quality construction starts by building relationships with everyone involved in the project from the start. This includes the Classic team of professionals, as well as the client/owners, their representatives, and the end user. By collaborating with our clients, we work to secure trust, establish shared success requirements, and initiate a quality control and safety program. Establishing these relationships early on paves the way for a collaborative and successful project.

The Transformation

We understand that your day-to-day activities need to continue in and around construction sites. We strive to minimize impact to the facility and its occupants through operational excellence and the daily coordination of construction activities. We conduct weekly meetings providing project updates, along with a two-week look ahead of planned progress. These meetings serve as a useful record-keeping tool, and ensure all field issues are proactively resolved.

The Concrete Finish

Prior to final inspection, the Classic team conducts an internal review of the project to verify all expectations and contract requirements have been fulfilled. This review is a crucial link to our goal of delivering a completed project with no “punch list.” Our attention to detail and commitment to quality here, and throughout the project, creates a quick and painless close-out for our clients. Following the completion of every project, Classic performs a comprehensive internal evaluation of the project as a whole, the performance of the project team, and our unique construction process. This evaluation is designed to identify areas of improvement so that we may continuously work toward transforming your construction experience.